Westerville Memory Care - About Us


Our Model of Care

The Mitchell Homes in Westerville offer outstanding memory care services for those with Alzheimer's and other forms of dementia by doing things right:

The right environment:

    *   Private bedrooms 

    *   Relaxed, secure residential homes with backyards, patio, & neighbors

    *   Designed for ease of movement

The right care ratio:

    *  1 caregiver for every  2 to 3 residents

The right caregivers:

    *  Long tenure, low turnover

    *  Loving, kind, attentive

    *  Certified 


The Results- This is why we're here

At The Mitchell House of Westerville, we appreciate the kind comments from our resident's families:

"What a blessing to have found the Mitchell House for my mother.  When this journey began for us and my mother, we had no idea where to start or how it would end.  Dementia is a cruel disease that impacts your loved ones and yourself and the struggle to find the best care becomes a challenge as the obstacles begin to grow.  For those that are in the beginning phases, it's easy to become enchanted by the larger facilities.  You see the lavish amenities, the huge dining room, a wonderful library and movie theater to go along with field trips that seem to be so perfect.  But that's designed more for us, not our loved ones.  Too often, and in our particular case, the care didn't match the over-hyped marketing that made it seem so enticing to us. 

That's why finding the Mitchell House and George Mitchell was so important to us.  How we wish we had found them sooner, both for my mom and for us.  We had moved her from one location to another and another, not knowing how progressive her dementia had become.  By the time we saw the changes in her, we were always a few steps behind the care she actually needed.  What we came to realize is that my mom didn't need bigger rooms, fewer staff members for the number of patients and ultimately lesser care.  What she really needed was more hands on care, a closer bond with a smaller group, and more loving and attentive caregivers who treated her (and us) like family.  We can't begin to thank George, his family, and the wonderful caregivers who gave my mother the dignity and lov she deserved."…..Matt B.  


What the experts are saying (about our model of care)

The Mitchell House of Westerville utilizes and puts into practice the components of a comprehensive memory care program as recommended by today's experts:

*  Those requiring dementia care thrive better in a home environment 

*  Fewer residents result in less resident anxiety & over-stimulation

*  Higher predictability from simple, home environment

*  Improved behavior from flexible, person-centered environment

*  High touch environment results in less agitation / medication