Testimonials - Reflections on the Memory Care we provide


At the Mitchell Homes, my Grandmother was able to finally relax, find peace in her everyday routines, and formed the most wonderful bonds with her caregivers.  The genuine depth of kindness and compassion shown by the staff is almost hard to describe.  In the short time we have been there, we have formed lifetime bonds because our loved one is truly treated with such care, kindness, patience, and love that is not consistently associated with long term care.  The staff of the Mitchell Homes has become OUR family.  Placing GG in the Mitchell Homes in Westerville was truly a blessing to our family.


Thank you George and Debbie Mitchell and thank you Mitchell Homes staff for loving Mom as we do. We see her joy again. And, in turn, that helped us all to remember who Mom is without this disease. She has started smiling again. Her hair is combed, her nails are clean, and she even has her makeup done. The stress in her face has lessened and she actually looks younger. They take her outside to enjoy nature, they paint with her, they watch her favorite shows, and they ask her what she needs and wants.


The Mitchell House was the most amazing gift I could give my mom at the end of her life.  The caregivers were so kind and loving to my mom.  She felt so at home and safe in their care.  I felt comfort knowing my mom would have 24-hour consistent care from those who truly cared about my loved one as if she were their own.  After spending thousands of dollars on sub-standard care with a revolving door of caregivers, I feel blessed to have met George and am forever grateful he created a small home where my mom could get the quality of care she so deserved  I would recommend the Mitchell House without hesitation!


We came to the Mitchell Homes during a difficult time for our family.  Dave had been receiving dementia care and living in a large assisted-care facility for over a year.  His rapid deterioration was evident to the family and we realized that changes had to be made.  In our search for a better place, we met George and Debbie Mitchell and the caregivers at the Mitchell Homes.  They made us feel comfortable, assured and at home.  They treated Dave with more love and respect than we could have ever expected was possible. 


My mother came to The Mitchell Homes after we were unexpectedly told she could no longer stay at her assisted living community due to her increased memory care issues. We were shocked since we chose this place because they also offered long-term care. We were blessed to find The Mitchell Homes in Westerville, and Mom's transition was smooth. She felt like it was her home, and our family felt like it was home. Her anxiety lessened, and she began to smile again. The staff took the time and interest to engage and encourage her.  We were thankful to find such a personal and intimate setting for Mom


My father was ill and in need of memory care and I had been researching other facilities when I became aware of The Mitchell Homes.  I spoke with George, the owner, numerous times and visited the home.  The highly educated staff is incredibly warm and welcoming and I was very impressed with how comfortable, secure and homey the house is.  George is very knowledgeable about memory care and he was patient and kind with all of my concerns.  Their concept of care is unlike any of the large, sometimes impersonal memory care facilities.  As a social worker and as a daughter, I would highly, highly recommend The Mitchell Homes.